Technical parameters

Power output 70 W100 W2×150 W
Horn speaker sizesmallsmall / bigsmall / big
Power supply24V DC or externally 110V AC / 24V DC110V AC / 60 HZ or 230V AC / 50Hz
110V AC / 60 HZ or 230V AC / 50Hz
Power consumption150 Wmax. 30 W while chargingmax. 120 W while charging
IP rating of the siren boxIP54IP54IP44
Siren box dimensions **600×300×180mm
Horn dimensions (l×w×h)500×230×200 mm650×240×200 mm
810×690×200 mm
500×180×230 mm
640×640×160 mm
Siren box weight (without batteries)**6,5 kg
Weight of horns 5,6 kg6,6 kg/9,6 kg5,6 kg/8,6 kg
Operating temperature range-25°C to +65°C-25 °C až +65°C *-25 °C až +65°C *


pdf_logo_file   Urban electronic church bells

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