OCP SCADA is a software application that enables operators to monitor data from monitoring devices and to manage and control individual elements of a monitoring system if necessary


  Main functions

  • Collection, analysis, processing, evaluation and display of data acquired from sensors and monitoring devices (such as depths, pressures, water levels, flow rates, concentrations of the monitored substance in the air, and others)
  • Monitoring and regulation within a system (ventilation, air-conditioning, sound distribution, window, door and gate opening/closing, lighting and visual signalisation control)
  • Automated and concurrent activation of several actions or processes
  • Overview of all monitoring/measurement points
  • Display of the status of a monitored location and all current measurements from monitoring devices


komunikacne-kanaly  Communications channels

  • TCP/IP (LAN, GPRS, Wi-Fi)
  • Digital radio (MOTOTRBO)
  • Analogue radio
  • 2-channel control coordination


  Extended settings and functions

  • Interconnection with OCP Warning
  • Interconnection with OCP Intercom
  • Interconnection with OCP Notification

Prompt and right decisions in critical situations OCP16


OCP16 Operator‘s control panel

An all-in-one multi-purpose device, integrating the standard interacting functions of a system and its operators with advanced warning, communications and process automation functions. In control centres, OCP16 can replace several other single-purpose devices, thereby saving costs and space significantly.


pdf_logo_file  OCP16 Operator‘s control panel

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