The electronic siren

Simple electronic siren Mona

The Mona electronic siren


An ideal substitution for an obsolete
electric motor siren

  • Functional even in case of a power failure


  • Controllable even by mobile phone


pdf_logo_file    Electronic siren Mona

  • Cost-effective even for low-budget projects


  • Straightforward to operate and maintain

Its modern design and features and functionalities make the Mona electronic
siren an ideal replacement for an obsolete electric motor siren in the 21st century.

Electronic siren Mona

The Mona siren represents a modern electronic substitution for an old electric motor siren. It is straightforward to operate and maintain, and affordable so that it can be used even for low-budget warning system projects.

The Mona electronic siren is compatible with most existing motor sirens and their control systems, and fully meets the demands of today’s modern world. The siren generates warning signals similar to those produced by old electric motor sirens. An advanced tone generator can generate virtually any warning signals emulating old ones, whether those of piezoelectric, pneumatic or electrical sirens or air-horns. Five of such signals can be easily activated using push-buttons. With an optional package in use, the operator can even control the siren by SMS via mobile phone, and also broadcast live-voice announcements or switch on external audio input to reproduce the audio signal from an external source.

In addition to its super-standard features, the Mona siren is also highly reliable in comparison with conventional motor sirens. First of all, due to its built-in batteries, the Mona electronic siren can work seamlessly even in case of a power failure. The siren electronics is built into a powder-coated stainless steel box. Compact loudspeaker horns are made of resistant aluminium alloy, which can guarantee their long durability, even in harsh weather conditions. Moreover, their low weight makes the installation processes simplified, and the costs dramatically reduced. When using an optional package, a simple self-diagnostic test of the siren status is available for convenient maintenance.

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