Product portfolio


Exclusive Products of the Telegrafia Company a.s.

Product portfolio

Exclusive Products of the Telegrafia Company a.s.

A top line of powerful modular multi-functional electronic sirens for complex warning systems


A powerful electronic siren to be used as a stand-alone device or part of small networks


A compact integrated stand-alone electronic siren with a built-in battery for industrial use


A perfect replacement for an obsolete electric motor siren and will fit even the tightest budget.


A compact integrated electronic siren for industrial use connected to an external 12/24 V power supply source

Pavian Car

A powerful mobile electronic siren for mass warning to be used for the installation on vehicles and other means of transport

Screamer Car

A modification of the Screamer siren for mobile use with magnetic holders to be repeatedly used on metallic surfaces/vehicles

EMA Industrial

New generation industrial monitoring and control station

EMA Professional

High-performance monitoring station of a new generation

EMA Compact

New generation ultra-compact all-in-one monitoring station


Quality sensors for monitoring stations and warning systems


An advanced sound distribution, warning and evacuation system to be used in industrial halls, office buildings and shopping centres


A universal and powerful PA and sound distribution system to be interconnected with the existing Ethernet infrastructure


An electronic church bell as a substitute for a classical church bell, presenting modern technology while preserving traditional values


An advanced all-in-one warning communications and automation device


A versatile control unit to control devices within a single warning system


A compact remote control used mainly in small acoustic warning systems

Vektra® Emergency & Rescue Management

A software application for the automation of emergency and rescue management processes

Vektra® SCADA

A software application for technological monitoring and management

Vektra® Notification

A software application for immediate automated notification and summons

Vektra® Warning

A software application for the control of electronic warning systems


Masts, aerials, batteries, solar panels, radio stations, beacons, speakers, and a variety of cable types

Communication Infrastructure

Central Communications Unit (CCU), Retranslation Station (RS)

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