OCP Warning

OCP Warning

OCP Warning is a software application that enables operators to activate and control acoustic warning devices promptly and efficiently, directly from a well-organised diagram displayed on a touchscreen. Users need to buy a client access software license (CAL) for each connected device, separately or as a package.


  Main functions

  • Fast and simple activation and deactivation of acoustic warning directly from a well-organised device diagram
  • Live-voice broadcasting via microphone
  • Remote device monitoring and testing
  • Detailed reports on device test results
  • Accurate records on device actions
  • Using pre-defined groups of sirens
  • Graphical display of device statuses
  • Encrypted communication between OCP16 and the connected devices
  • Time synchronisation with connected devices


komunikacne-kanaly  Communications channels

  • TCP/IP (LAN, GPRS, Wi-Fi)
  • Digital radio (MOTOTRBO)
  • Analogue radio
  • 2-channel control coordination


  Extended settings and functions

  • OCP16 time synchronisation using a GPS receiver
  • Third-party interfaces
    • CAP (Common Alerting Protocol) without a text-to-speech system
    • HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) without a text-to-speech system

Prompt and right decisions in critical situations

Prompt and right decisions in critical situations

Consola de despacho OCP16

OCP16 Operator‘s control panel

An all-in-one multi-purpose device, integrating the standard interacting functions of a system and its operators with advanced warning, communications and process automation functions. In control centres, OCP16 can replace several other single-purpose devices, thereby saving costs and space significantly.


pdf_logo_file  OCP16 Operator‘s control panel