Industrial Intercom

A smart industrial intercom

A multi-functional communications device for professional use

A professional intercom is designed for comfortable, two-way voice communication using the standard LAN and VoIP network. It is optimised for interior and exterior use in demanding industrial environments. Robust stainless steel construction with a high IP rating, easy operation even in working gloves, RFID service authorisation, and automatic volume control with background noise attenuation can guarantee its trouble-free operation in both non-emergency and emergency situations.

At the same time, the intercom enables its operators to control various devices (gates, ventilation, and technological equipment) locally or remotely, using binary inputs and outputs, and to create communications networks with a control centre or between control centres.

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industrial intercom


  • 2 resistant programmable buttons (the start of the communication, end of the communication, reporting an emergency to a control centre, and the activation of a pre-defined function).
  • The possibility of labelling the buttons’ functions.
  • Security improvement using an optional RFID service authorisation module.


industrial intercom


  • 8 resistant programmable buttons to control multiple device functions (e.g. external device control).
  • The possibility of labelling the buttons’ functions.
  • The possibility of a conference call among multiple participants.

Practical applications

Industrial plants


Fire stations








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