Warning Systems and Notification


Warning Systems and Notification

National Warning Systems

Activation of any siren or group of sirens on the national territory within a few seconds

City Warning Systems

City warning systems serving the city authorities for the early notification of population of impending dangers, necessary measures, and possible evacuation procedures

Dam Warning Systems

Early signalisation of dam damage and prevention of direct human causalities in an inundation area

Mass warning systems for airports

A powerful mass warning and notification system designed for airports to deal with weather problems, unwanted bird collisions, and other dangerous situations

Mass warning systems for ports

A powerful mass warning and notification system designed for ports to deal with natural disasters, leakages of hazardous substances, fires, and terrorist acts

Natural Disaster Warning Systems

Early warning and notification in areas endangered by natural disasters to eliminate extensive damage to property and prevent human causalities

Flood Warning System

A modern and flexible method of early warning against floods and torrential rains as the effective protection against their devastating consequences

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