OCP Notification

OCP Notification is a software application that enables quick, automated telephoning and sending short messages (SMS) to pre-defined recipients. Also, it supports delivery verification of messages, for example, in the form of the required numerical code provided by a recipient.

For crisis management purposes, the OCP Notification application is most commonly used to summon emergency units and rescue teams (the first responders) in emergencies. Moreover, it finds its effective utilisation in ordinary non-emergency summons and notification of a high number of selected people, for example, in banks or large industrial plants.


   Main functions

  • Automated telephoning and sending short messages (SMS) to pre-defined recipients
  • Up to 150 pre-defined recipients, groups of recipients, and emergencies
  • Setting a list of events for notification purposes
  • Pre-defining a list of recipients to be notified during a particular event
  • Pre-defining a list of messages to be sent during a specific event
  • Prioritisation of recipients of notifications (phone calls and SMS)
  • Automated repetition of notification and summons of unavailable recipients
  • Multi-lingual notification with a particular language definition for a specific recipient
  • Keeping records and storage of all information regarding device actions (e.g. the name of an operator running operation, the text of a short message sent, the result of notification and others)


komunikacne-kanaly  Communications channels

  • Mobile network SMS services
  • GSM voice services
  • SMS + GSM voice services
  • VoIP based services


  Extended settings

  • Setting a method of notification (a phone call or message)
  • Setting a language of the notification
  • Setting a confirmation method of read receipt for a short message
  • Setting the number of repetitive notifications in the event of a recipient´s non-responding to the previously sent notification message
OCP Notification

Prompt and right decisions in critical situations

OCP16 Operator‘s control panel

OCP16 Operator‘s control panel

An all-in-one multi-purpose device, integrating the standard interacting functions of a system and its operators with advanced warning, communications and process automation functions. In control centres, OCP16 can replace several other single-purpose devices, thereby saving costs and space significantly.


pdf_logo_file  OCP16 Operator‘s control panel