Warning and Notification Solutions


Warning and Notification Solutions
National Warning System

Activation of any siren or group of sirens on the national territory within a few seconds

Warning Systems in the Energy Industry

Early warning and notification compliant with the stringent requirements for the reliable operation of nuclear plants in typically demanding conditions

City Warning Systems

City warning systems serving the city authorities for the early notification of population of impending dangers, necessary measures, and possible evacuation procedures

Natural Disaster Warning Systems

Early warning and notification in areas endangered by natural disasters to eliminate extensive damage to property and prevent human causalities

Dam Warning Systems

Early signalisation of dam damage and prevention of direct human causalities in an inundation area

Flood Warning System

A modern and flexible method of early warning against floods and torrential rains as the effective protection against their devastating consequences

Outsourceable, Cloud-Service-Based Systems for Notification and Summons

Outsourceable notification and summons created in a cloud, easily accessible from a remote device

Advanced, Hardware-Based Systems for Notification and Summons

Complex, multi-functional systems for automated and efficient notification and summons of responsible persons built on the powerful Vektra® Notification software

Simple, Hardware-Based Systems for Notification and Summons

Simple, autonomous and independent systems for notification and summons by means of the OCP16 control panel

Combined Exterior and Interior PA Systems

Sound distribution to both exterior and interior facilities from a single place, suitable also for controlled evacuation in emergency situations

Industrial PA Systems

Sound distribution to industrial premises, meeting all requirements placed on PA systems and easily connectible to other SCADA systems

Warning Systems in Oil and Gas Industry

Notification in the case of a higher risk of explosion or fire and information of an emergency or industrial accident, and of the relevant evacuation procedures

Warning Systems in the Steel Industry

Early notification of emergency units of threats to health, life or property by using the Man-Down push buttons

Warning Systems in the Chemical Industry

Integrated complex mass warning and early notification systems, including the monitoring of dangerous substance concentrations levels

Possible Applications of Screamer Sirens

Noisy operational units and building sites, ships and ports, stone quarries and mines, mobile industrial devices, airports, bus and railway stations, and public areas

Sirens at Shooting Ranges and Airports

Warning in emergency situations and providing instructions for shooting, scaring away birds, and transmitting sounds to create authentic settings

Sirens at Winter Stadiums and Cold Stores

Protection of employees, visitors, and the general population and property against the consequences of potential leaks of hazardous substances

Sirens at Golf Courses

Protection of all persons at golf courses against thunderstorms

Sirens in Quarries and Open-Pit Mines

Maximisation of people’s safety in quarries and open-pit mines by informing them of a coming explosion by a loud acoustic signal

Automation of fire stations

Automation of fire stations is extremely important because it can significantly reduce the critical interval between the reporting of an emergency and the exit of a fire brigade to the point of intervention.

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