Technical Parameters

Electric power output300 W up to 4800 W
Power supplyMains: 90 V – 264 V AC / 50 Hz – 60 Hz
Solar: 24 V solar panels
Power consumptionmax. 300 W during the battery charge process
max. 13 W in standby mode with fully-charged batteries
IP rating of the siren boxIP54, IP66
Dimensions of the siren boxup to 2400 W: 600 × 650 × 350 mm (w × h × d)
for more powerful sirens: upon request
Weight of the siren box28 – 38 kg (without batteries), depending on the type of siren
Operating temperature range-25 °C up to +65°C *

* The range of the working temperatures of a siren can change according to the type of batteries used and their operating temperature range.

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