Intervention and Resource
Management for Fire Stations

Intervention and Resource

Management for Fire Stations

Several existing fire stations are currently facing a serious problem of low efficiency and seamlessness of their operations and processes. In contrast to the past, there is increasing pressure on fire stations regarding the record-keeping of numerous operational parameters, and using the records kept for their smooth operations.

If this data is processed, for example, in the form of Excel spreadsheets, or in a similar inefficient way, the record-keeping is hugely time-consuming, and the data is not available in time for making fast decisions.

Effective Management of the Intervention and Resource for Fire Stations

Today’s modern fire stations are looking for possibilities to automate
and straightforward their activities, and this is mainly in the following areas:

  • Recording data on incident/emergency events
  • Reporting on incidents/emergencies
  • Keeping work attendance records
  • Planning, recording, and monitoring staff work time
  • Training plans
  • Comprehensive resource planning for fire stations
  • Planning special events (e.g. vehicle accompaniment on social occasions)

To meet the above requirements, the Telegrafia company has developed a modern and innovative software solution based on the Vektra® Emergency & Rescue Management software application, containing five modules: Event, Assistance, Human resources and work time, Maintenance and stock, and Training. The application records an event as a whole, i.e. from an emergency call, through the recording of the information on emergency operations, including the firefighters deployed and the equipment used, to the generation of a report on the event completion, and the automatic registration of the fire-extinguishing material on the inventory in the warehouse.

pdf_logo_file    Intervention and Resource Management for Fire Stations

Effective Management for fire station

High speed and significantly decreased laboriousness in firefighting operations

As soon as an emergency/incident is reported to the 112-emergency line, all the information collected is recorded into an intervention form. Subsequently, the Vektra® Emergency & Rescue Management application is used to summon firefighters and launch a firefighting operation at the site of emergency, and the fire engines currently available are assigned for deployment. To prevent the same vehicles from being deployed for another event, their availability status in the application changes to assigned.  What is more, this parameter can also be changed during the operation. As a result, the control centre receives real-time information on the current availability of all fire engines.

After the return of fire crews from the operation, additional information on the intervention will be completed in the form (e.g. the number of the injured, revived, dead, adults, children, etc.). All assets during an event are tracked and accounted for: the amount of fuel consumed is automatically registered on the inventory, and of other material (i.e. foaming agents, sorbents, and extinguishing agents) as appropriate. Besides, the intervention information regarding the personnel (i.e. the period of oxygen mask usage, work at heights or with dangerous substances) is recorded.

After the completion of all data, an intervention report is automatically generated, locked, and forwarded to other responsible persons, whereby an emergency or incident event is closed.

The data on the firefighting personnel and material and technical equipment are comprehensively collected in the following codebooks:

  • Human resources – personal data, certificates, licences, and training/drill completion records
  • Machinery – types of machines and equipment, their dimensions, fuel consumption, service inspections, and availability
  • Maintenance and stock – firefighting and fire protection equipment, and other material

All the data recorded can be centrally managed. The solution also includes work time and attendance planning, recording, and monitoring.

Resource for Fire Stations

Better work performance and less bureaucracy

The real benefits of the Vektra® Emergency & Rescue Management application include:

  • Significantly increased seamlessness and efficiency of processes
  • Elimination of mundane manual office work and record-keeping
  • Concentration on real rescue activities instead of clerical work
  • Better and more accurate real-time data for efficient and informed decision-making
  • Data in an electronic format for easier processing and sharing within a hierarchical application structure
  • Considerable savings in operational resources due to increased process efficiency

A modern solution growing with its users

Vektra® Emergency & Rescue Management

Any solution equipped with the Vektra® Emergency & Rescue Management application can be easily combined with other specialised products and solutions for fire brigades and emergency and rescue services made by Telegrafia.  These are widely utilised by many satisfied clients around the world. Join them, and you will be happy to have a solution tailored precisely to your needs.

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