Solutions in the field of notification and summons

What is a notification and summons system, and why invest in it

A notification and summons system is a professional tool designed for the quick and mass distribution of messages, announcements, or warnings to any target group. Regardless of industry, essential information or instructions can be sent to many people with minimal effort and time. In the shortest possible time, everyone can be informed, from selected individuals through first responders to all concerned, such as employees, and their necessary response can be significantly accelerated.

notification and summons system messages
notification and summons system mass messaging

Description of a notification and summons system

Telegrafia’s cutting-edge notification and summons system works on the principle of mass messaging through various communication channels. Important content is delivered instantly, whether text messages (SMS), emails, voice calls or push notifications to mobile devices. Announcements, information about emergencies, instructions during a crisis, or news about business changes will find the recipient wherever they are.

Benefits of the notification system in practice

  • Increased safety of the persons concerned in the event of danger or a critical situation
  • Immediate communication and information to the affected parties in emergencies to mitigate their impacts
  • More effective communication (to employees) of significant changes in the company
  • Simplification and clarity of planning or coordination when organising major events
  • Personalised notifications and communications for specific groups of employees or team members
  • Overall improvement of efficiency, time-saving and productivity through automated messages, notifications, and quick communication of individual persons (or parties)

In general, every notification and summons system contributes to increasing the safety, speed, and efficiency of communication in companies, enhancing their ability to cope with emergencies, changes, and challenges.

Telegrafia’s notification and summons systems meet the strict criteria for emergency warning and notification systems. They were developed at and by Telegrafia a.s., which means that customers can obtain a modern solution tailored to their individual needs directly from the manufacturer, thus saving the investment costs of building it to no small extent.

notification and summons safety of the persons


Naša spoločnosť nachádza riešenie v oblasti vyrozumenia a zvolávania úplne pre každého. Preto aj našu ponuku rozdeľujeme na jednoduchý, rozšírený a cloudový vyrozumievací a zvolávací systém. Každý z nich má svoje výhody a rôznorodé možnosti využitia.

Simple notification and summons system

notification and summons system simple

If you want a simple, self-contained, and independent way of notification and summons, the solution working through the operator’s control panel OCP16 is ideal. Thanks to the easy-to-use and intuitive control of the OCP16, it is possible to implement the process of notification and summons in a few simple steps. The operator is automatically informed about the progress and result of the notification process through a notification on the display.

This solution makes it possible to easily pre-define the persons to be notified and set up communication channels and telephone numbers for their notification and summons. At the same time, it offers the possibility of setting a specific type of emergency and the subsequent assignment of the relevant persons who should be notified in the given situation.

The simple notification and summons system is suitable mainly for customers who require a separate and durable system with effortless operation and stability.

Extended notification and summons system

Extended notification and-summons system

If you require an automated and multifunctional way of notification and summons with several extended functions, a comprehensive solution based on the powerful Vektra® Notification software is suitable. Depending on availability, this software can use a computer or another device to which the necessary communication modules are connected. The solution can be implemented in several ways, and its functionality can be extended with Vektra® Warning or Vektra® SCADA modules.

The extended notification and summons system generally supports the following communication channels: mobile phones – voice and text messages, and emails. However, it is possible to supplement them with push notifications, radio stations or other communication channels according to the customer’s requirements. The system in this version can consider the different time availability of people (for example, according to their working hours) and choose the preferred notification method accordingly. The operator is also automatically informed about the result of the notification.

Cloud-based notification and summons system

Cloud based notification and summons system

If you are looking for the most progressive way of notification and summons accessible from any remote device, use a solution in the form of a cloud service. In this case, buying any hardware or software is unnecessary; you only need an Internet connection. The cloud solution is especially suitable for companies that outsource their operational processes.

Its core is the Vektra® Web application, which can be launched in the Internet browser of any device with Internet access (a smartphone, tablet, laptop, PC, etc.). Through this application, it is also possible to pre-define the persons to be notified and set up communication channels and telephone numbers for their notification and summons, but also to assign the contacts of the relevant persons to specific types of emergency events—all this, together with automatic notification of the notification results.

The following communication channels are supported as standard: mobile phones – voice messages via SIP/VoIP channel, text messages, and emails. The utilisation of additional communication channels, such as radio stations and others, depends on the possibilities and legislation in the selected country.