Product portfolio


Exclusive Products of the Telegrafia Company a.s.

Product portfolio

Exclusive Products of the Telegrafia Company a.s.
Vektra® Emergency & Rescue Management

A software application for the automation of emergency and rescue management processes

Vektra® SCADA

A software application for technological monitoring and management

Vektra® Notification

A software application for immediate automated notification and summons

Vektra® Warning

A software application for the control of electronic warning systems

OCP Warning

Quick and efficient warning device activation and control using a comprehensive graphical list


Monitoring data from monitoring devices and possible administration and control of monitoring system elements

OCP Notification

Immediate automated contacting and forwarding a message to a pre-defined group of persons

OCP Intercom

Convenient, two-way voice communication between pre-defined stations in industrial halls and other buildings

Intervention and Resource Management for Fire Stations

A modern and innovative software solution for fire station - records an event, the information on emergency operations, the firefighters, used equipment

fire Extinguishers app

Fire Extinguishers is an advanced app designed to manage, control, and monitor fire extinguishing and safety equipment in one or more industrial enterprises.

Software for Control Centres

Software for Control Centres Vektra®  is a server-client based system of modern software applications that enable operators to control acoustic warning devices,

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