Product portfolio


Exclusive Products of the Telegrafia Company a.s.

Product portfolio

Exclusive Products of the Telegrafia Company a.s.
Vektra® Emergency & Rescue Management

A software application for the automation of emergency and rescue management processes

Vektra® SCADA

A software application for technological monitoring and management

Vektra® Notification

A software application for immediate automated notification and summons

Vektra® Warning

A software application for the control of electronic warning systems

OCP Warning

Quick and efficient warning device activation and control using a comprehensive graphical list


Monitoring data from monitoring devices and possible administration and control of monitoring system elements

OCP Notification

Immediate automated contacting and forwarding a message to a pre-defined group of persons

OCP Intercom

Convenient, two-way voice communication between pre-defined stations in industrial halls and other buildings

Software for Control Centres

Software for Control Centres Vektra®  is a server-client based system of modern software applications that enable operators to control acoustic warning devices,

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