Powerful industrial electronic siren


Siren Gibon

The New Generation


Powerful industrial electronic siren
to be used as a stand-alone warning device or part of smaller warning systems

Sophisticated replacement for a motor siren

with backup power supply and live-voice/speech reproduction functions

• More intelligible

Improved voice transmission, digital signal/sound processing

pdf_logo_file   Gibon Electronic siren

More adaptable

Selection of more siren versions and complementary characteristics for better adaptability to project and customer requirements

More compact

Simplified and more integrated architecture with enhanced operational reliability

More cost-optimised

High acoustic power and quality with excellent value for money (price/utility ratio)

Uncompromising performance and high acoustic pressure at a competitive price

Gibon electronic siren

The new generation Gibon electronic siren is a powerful, cost-effective siren, providing high-quality sound coverage for an endangered area. The siren is primarily intended for use as a locally controlled stand-alone warning device or as part of simple warning systems with several sirens, mainly for small urban and rural areas and industries.

The Gibon siren combines the performance and acoustic quality of the higher-range sirens with perfectly comprehensible controls suitable for simpler warning systems. On request, it can be supplemented with other advanced features, such as the TTS (Text-To-Speech) module, so that you purchase a siren exactly matching your needs and pay only for the features you will actually use in your warning system.

Electronic sirens Gibon

The Gibon siren is most used in warning systems for

The Gibon siren is most used in warning systems for

Production halls
production halls
Oil and gas industries
Shooting ranges
shooting range

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