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Public warning systems
National warning system
City warning system
Flood warning system
Water dam warning system
Natural disaster warning system
Industrial warning systems
Early warning and emergency notification system for nuclear power plant
Chemical industry
Steel industry
Complex siren warning system for oil and gas industry
Exterior/Interior PA Systems
Industrial PA systems
Combined exterior/interior PA systems
Stand-alone sirens
Quarries and mines
Golf courses
Arenas and cold stores
Shooting ranges, airports
Screamer - possible applications
Notification and summons
A simple, hardware-based notification and summons system
An extended, hardware-based notification and summons system
An outsourceable, cloud-service-based notification and summons system
Early Warning and Emergency Notification Systems

 Public warning systems

Warning the public in the event of natural disasters, industrial accidents, military or terrorist attacks is a basic function of a modern state. Our extensive experience in developing various projects around the world help us create solutions for a wide range of situations.

National warning system
•  City warning system
•  Flood warning system
•  Water dam warning system
•  Natural disaster warning system

 Indoor/outdoor sound distribution systems

This area covers a wide range of solutions for interior and exterior sound systems, whether for the purpose of transmitting voice or music signals, or for establishing warning systems with cost-effective coverage of larger areas.

•  Industrial Public Address Systems
•  Combined Exterior and Interior Public Address Systems

 Industrial warning systems

Some industrial enterprises cannot run their technological processes without hazardous materials.  Use of these materials increases the likelihood of a leak causing an emergency situation and threatens the surrounding communities. Also if the equipment fails or is damaged the surrounding communities would similarly be threatened.

•  Solutions for the nuclear power plant
•  Solutions for the chemical industry
•  Solutions for the steel industry
•  Solutions for the oil and gas industry

 Stand-alone sirens

Given the advanced functionality of our electronic sirens, they can be used as stand alone devices without dispatching, whether in the form of high-performance sound elements in areas with higher noise levels, or as a small autonomous warning system.

•  Sirens in quarries or open-pit mines
•  Sirens at golf courses
•  Sirens at winter stadiums or cold stores
•  Other uses of electronic sirens as stand-alone
    devices /shooting ranges, airports/

•  Possible applications of siren Screamer