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Notification is normally used to inform responsible persons as fast and effectively as possible and allow them to take measures or summon people to a designated site. It was originally used mainly by civil defence operational centres and rescue forces in emergency situations, but today, it is also used by offices, banks, industrial plants, and others in ordinary, non-emergency situations.

It provides all users with the same benefits – process automation, efficient and unmanned operation and, most importantly, significant time saving in situations when time plays a crucial role.

The Telegrafia company offers three viable solutions for notification and summons that can be further modified according to individual customer requirements.





A simple, hardware-based notification and summons system

A simple hardware-based solution is an autonomous and independent system for notification and summons of responsible persons based on a multi-purpose operator’s control panel, OCP15, controlling the entire system. The process of notification and summons can be completed in a few simple steps.



An extended, hardware-based notification and summons system

A more sophisticated hardware-based solution with several enhanced functions is a complex and multi-functional system for automated and efficient notification and summons of responsible persons, built on the powerful Vektra® Notification software. The solution can be customised in a number of parameters, while still maintaining the same user-friendly environment as the previous simple notification system.  




An outsourceable, cloud-service-based notification and summons system

An outsourceable notification and summons solution is an independent system in a cloud, easily accessible from a remote device. It is provided as a subscription service and it is especially suitable for companies that prefer the outsourcing of their operational processes. Its users do not need to buy any hardware or software.




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