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Amadeo - modular sound distribution, warning and evacuation system

 Basic characteristics

AMADEO  is a modular sound distribution, warning and evacuation system.  It is designed for use in manufacturing facilities, their surroundings, in administrative and commercial establishments, cultural centers, and the outdoors. Due to its scalability it can be used in smaller areas, or for larger more complicated areas. The system meets the requirements of STN EN 60849 standards for emergency sound systems and in the standard version it has battery back-up.


 Main functions and properties

The main function of the system is to broadcast voice messages or acoustic warning signals. It is possible to broadcast:

  • live reports from microphone;
  • voice messages and signals from the internal memory (SD card);
  • radio broadcast from built-in FM receiver;
  • files from a connected USB key;
  • audio signals from various external sources (radios, cell phones, etc.).

Messages can be activated:

  • by buttons or selected from the menu at one of the call stations;
  • with instructions from connected computers via VEKTRA software;
  • automatically with input from the environment - data from various sensors, buttons, etc.;
  • based on the requirements of monitoring and control sytems of third parties - SCADA systems, electronic security systems, etc.;
  • based on the requirements of other software, running on personal computers;
  • by direct input from other communication systems - mobile and fixed telephone lines, radio stations, FM radio, satellite communication systems, etc.

The second function of the system is gathering information from:

  • sensors for hazardous substances;
  • temperature sensors;
  • water level sensors;
  • other buttons;

and based on this information activating the warning signals and controlling any attached equipment, such as:

  • optical signals and warning equipment;
  • security monitors and cameras, bars and gates;
  • semaphores, etc.

There are many ways to ensure required functionality - by performing a simple configuration or developing the algorithms needed by the scripting language.


 System architecture

The AMADEO system is a modern modular system, the number of modules involved has been minimized thanks to progressive circuit solutions and ensuring all the functional features required by the most demanding applications using only small changes in the internal software – firmware. This concept provides our customers with the top technical parameters available all at the price that is the same for systems with much lower levels for the same parameters. It is based on the technology used for the PAVIAN electronic sirens. Thanks to new functionalities incorporated it is possible to create a public address system that provides all the features of top high-quality public address systems and it meets the requirements placed on public warning systems. The technical components of the AMADEO sound distributing and warning system consist of:

  • AMADEO radio units;
  • technical equipment designed to control an AMADEO radio unit or a system with several radio units;
  • electro-acoustic transducers - loudspeakers;
  • optical warning devices - beacons;
  • other devices offered by external manufacturers - traffic lights, ramps, gates, etc.

AMADEO radio units can be connected to the network via radio or via cable. They can be controlled from a central worksite or from other locations as required for the particular type of operation. The radio unit’s power supply is commonly backed up by batteries. A wide range of electro-acoustic transducers enables coverage of threatened areas and territories with a sufficiently strong and clear acoustic signal. When enhanced by the functionalities that are typical for control and monitoring systems (SCADA systems) the system is capable of substantial cost savings in terms of complex warning and evacuation system establishment.


Amadeo - modular sound distribution, warning and evacuation system

Amadeo - modular sound distribution, warning and evacuation system

Amadeo - modular sound distribution, warning and evacuation system