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System architecture
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 Basic characteristics

JOHAN is a sound distribution and warning system available at an optimum price that provides high-quality acoustic-signal coverage of both exterior and interior areas. It is designed as a stand-alone device and its output range can vary from 300 to 2,400W.


 Main functions and properties

JOHAN broadcasts common notifications and warning signals (Default warning announcements and signals recorded in the internal memory) both in interior and exterior areas on the basis of the following:

  • Direct input from a microphone, or from a local control module;
  • Instructions from a supervisory computer via VEKTRA control software;
  • Automatic triggering by external inputs – data from various sensors, buttons;
  • Direct input from other communication systems – mobile phones, fixed phone lines, radio stations, VHF radio, satellite communication systems etc.;

The system meets the requirements of the STN EN 60849 standard related to emergency acoustic systems and it is equipped with battery back-up as standard equipment.


 System architecture

Technical components of a JOHAN sound distribution and warning system consist of the following:

  • JOHAN public address system radio unit;
  • Technical components to control the JOHAN radio unit;
  • Electro-acoustic transducers – loudspeakers;

The above-stated components represent a large range of configurable devices convenient for establishing simpler warning and sound distribution system. The large range of the electro-acoustic transducers can help to ensure coverage of threatened areas and territories with a substantially strong and clear acoustic signal.


More information about the system architecture