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Pavian CAR
Screamer CAR
How to choose the right electronic siren?

Mobile electronic siren to use on vehicles - Pavian CAR

 Basic description

Pavian CAR
is a powerful mobile siren designed primarily for the installation on vehicles and other means of transport. It consists of a light portable electronic control unit and specially designed, easily-mountable horn loudspeakers with 360° acoustic coverage. The control unit of the Pavian CAR siren with integrated electronics is placed in a resistant plastic PELI® case. Normally, power is supplied from a 12/24 V external source. Recharging is possible by means of an electric lighter connector.

The operation time of the siren in its standby mode as well as the duration of announcements depend on the type of power supply used. Accessories include a stainless steel box with external batteries that allow the siren operation on an ordinary road vehicle. Various types of beacons and external sensors may be connected directly to the Pavian CAR siren. 

Extremely fast and simple installation.
No need
for assembly tools.


Powerful mobile electronic siren for mass warning Pavian CAR


 Main functions and characteristics

  • resistant acoustic components made of light aluminium alloys with embedded pressure loudspeakers with a 300 or 600 W output, placed on a flexible magnetic holder
  • high acoustic pressure for Pavian CAR 300: 132.5dB(A)/1m and for Pavian CAR 600: 138.5dB(A)/1m
  • extremely fast and simple installation with no need for assembly tools
  • relocation of the siren from one vehicle to another within several seconds
  • fully automatic testing routines including a „silent“ siren test and complete functionality tests
  • full portability due to the location of all parts in resistant PELI® cases
  • various methods of the siren activation (satellite, radiostation, RDS, WiFi, etc.)
  • reproduction of pre-recorded alert tones from the siren’s internal memory, live voice messages directly during the car ride from an embedded microphone including audiorecordings or voice messages from external sources (radio, telephone, etc.)
  • up to 16 hours of audio reproduction from the siren’s digital memory (SD card) in WAW, MP3 formats
  • 8 programmable digital/analogue inputs and 8 digital outputs for the control of external devices such as beacons and for the connection of sensors
  • 12 or 24 V supply voltage from an external source with optional delivery of a stainless steel box with maintenance-free supply accumulators depending on the siren running time
  • wide variety of accessories (beacons, controls, sensors, etc.)



Mobile electronic sirens and their control possibilities


Local control
Every mobile siren can be controlled directly on site via local control devices. Upon request, it can be supplemented with remote controls equipped with an embedded microphone and, optionally, with wireless transmission modules.

Radio control
Radio control is possible via specialised radio networks designated for simple and complex warning systems. Every mobile siren can be simultaneously used as a signal transmitter to control other sirens.

Satellite control
Satellite control is suitable for siren control in vast areas without existing technical infrastructure such as groups of islands or deserts. Communication modems offered by satellite service providers are utilised. 

GPRS/EDGE control
GPRS/EDGE control via commercial networks of mobile operators is useful if there is no requirement for a highly reliable network with uninterruptible power supply and two independent communication channels.

POCSAG control
POCSAG control is based on the POCSAG standard for radio data transmission to pagers. Like the RDS type of control, it is one-way data transmission; therefore, in principle, the POCSAG control is used as a back-up control channel.

RDS (Radio Data System) control
One-way RDS transmission is currently a standard feature of every VHF radio broadcasting system. One of the RDS channels can be designated for the mass activation/deactivation of large siren networks.




 Technical parameters




Mobile electronic siren Pavian CAR

Portable electronic siren Pavian CAR


Mobile electronic siren Pavian CAR

Portable electronic siren Pavian CAR