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Top line of powerful modular, multi-functional electronic sirens for complex warning systems.

  The Pavian electronic sirens - powerful, multi-functional, and modern mass warning alert device for outdoor warning alert systems.








The Pavian electronic siren presents the top line of Telegrafia’s electronic sirens and it is the world-leader in the field of acoustic warning systems. It is a modular and multi-functional device intended mainly for the building of large and sophisticated warning systems, requiring intelligent control methods and effective siren status monitoring. If you need the best for your project, the Pavian electronic siren is your first choice.

The Pavian electronic siren is standardly equipped with full autodiagnostic functions and supports a wide range of means of control and communications channels. Owing to built-in back-up batteries, it is fully operational in case power failure, autonomously responsive to stimuli coming from its environment, and it is even able to control external devices.

In a number of parameters, it is well adjustable to specific customer needs. The siren is available in outputs ranging from 300 up to 3,000 W. It is also possible to buy a great variety of accessories to go with the Pavian siren such as masts, spare batteries, cables, beacons, aerials or solar charging sets.


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Exceptionally strong resistance


The Pavian electronic siren is equipped with aluminium-alloy horns providing it with exceptionally strong resistance to both harsh weather conditions and other threats, e.g. insects or birds. At the same time, it is surprisingly lightweight, which makes its installation incredibly easy and lowers the transportation costs.

The electronics box is standardly made of stainless steel with IP54 rating, sufficient for most of the siren’s applications. Upon request, the siren box can be delivered as a complete stainless set (including all fastenings and keys) and its resistance raised to IP66 rating 





Siren control


The powerful Pavian electronic siren can be controlled by various control units, from a simple local wall-mounted control unit, through an internal control unit housed directly in the electronics box, operator’s control panel with a colour touch-screen, to thousands of sirens comprising a single warning system, managed by the Vektra® software with a number of super-standard functions.






Interaction with the environment


The Pavian electronic siren contains several interfaces to be able to interact with its environment. It enables you to configure a variety of responses based on different inputs coming from the environment.  

For example, by using binary inputs, it is possible to directly connect various types of external sensors to the siren, indicating danger and triggering pre-programmed alarm signals. The Pavian siren is also equipped with binary outputs by which the opening of gates as well as the activation of traffic lights, visual warning systems, etc. can be controlled.

 Other useful interfaces include RS232, LAN (TCP/IP), USB ports and, in combination with supplementary modules, Wi-Fi, GSM/GPRS, radio control, POCSAG, RDS, satellite communications options. The siren is pre-designed for the connection of solar panels as well.  





Optimal sound emission pattern


The exceptionally designed horns of the Pavian electronic siren provide you with a unique possibility of selecting any sound emission pattern, and change it later when necessary. If you have a monodirectional siren installed and would like to change it for an omnidirectional one, then you will do with just a couple of ordinary tools and will not need to buy anything else.