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Electronic sirens
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aSCADA product line
Operator’s Control Panel
Operator’s Control Panel - versions
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 Main functions and features

Telegrafia is the first company introducing a modern open modular system aSCADA® on the market. This new product line offers a cost-effective creation of professional solutions in the field of indoor and outdoor sound distribution systems, traffic lights control, various actuators, as well as complex automation of technological processes. User-friendly configuration and programming tools will help you create a warning, notification, monitoring or control system suitable for all users.

Individual modules are serviceable individually, in conjunction with other Telegrafia's devices and modules, as well as in conjunction with devices from other manufacturers. They communicate with each other via internal bus aBUS™, therefore only a single cable is necessary to connect them. The communication over long distances and across multiple devices is provided for by a high/performance protocol aNET™. Examples of installations made up of aSCADA® product line:


Individual aSCADA® modules are normally supplied with appropriate cabling and cover, which  allows instant installation on DIN bar without the need for any tools. The cover also protects the components of the module against mechanical damage. Fast and efficient installation is supported by a clear configurator, thanks to which it is possible to supplement the firmware of the device by individual scripts.

 aSCADA® System Modules

Remote control RCT11
Local Control Unit LCU11
Acoustic control unit ACU11
Amplifier AMP07
Power and Device Management Module PDM11
Mini Radio modem mRDM11
Mini Audio module mAUD11
Mini X-bee module mXBM11
GPRS11 module for Smartbridge
Module of galvanically separated inputs/outputs ADIO11
Router RTR11
Interface INT11


 Integrated voice warning device Screamer

SCREAMER is a specialized electronic component in the modular sound distribution, warning and evacuation system, aSCADA®. The main function of the SCREAMER component is an integrated compact electronic siren.  The electronic module of SCREAMER component is placed directly in a durable aluminum alloy horn with a powerful pressure loudspeaker.More... 



 Operator’s Control Desk

Operator’s control panel OCP11 is an advanced warning, communication, and automation device of “all in one” type, which also serves for interaction of the system with the operating staff. More...



aSCADA® product line