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Exterior acoustic project - electronic sirens
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Acusticus Professional - a web application for exterior and interior acoustic projects




A web application for exterior and interior acoustic projects

Acusticus Professional is a powerful on-line tool for Web browsers, used for the creation of exterior and interior sound systems. You can create a simple project using only a single siren or a complex national early warning system containing hundreds of sirens, measurement points and sound backgrounds.

Acusticus Professional can be also used for the design of sound systems intended for interiors of various kinds of buildings and production halls, and for the design of sound systems intended for both interiors and exteriors.

Use Acusticus Professional free of charge

Acusticus Professional is free for all users. No fee. No installation. No registration required. However we recommend that you register to be able to save the projects created or use several advanced settings and features.




Click "Start" to run the application

(The application will be run in a new window; therefore, make sure pop-up windows are allowed.)





User manual

If you need help with the Acusticus Professional application, look at the demo projects for a local warning system with sirens, municipal PA system or an interior sound system. If you would like to obtain a complete user manual in the PDF format, do not hesitate to contact us.

Knowledge database

The simple explanation of some fundamental terms, such as background sound, acoustic pressure or a siren radiation diagram, and the instructions how to use these terms in practice are provided in a knowledge database.





Simple to use with a number of settings

Many parameters in the Acusticus Professional are pre-set with default values which come from the long-term first-hand experience of the Telegrafia a.s. company. This means that you will not have to deal with unnecessarily complicated parameter settings.

If your acoustic projects need to meet some specific requirements, the application offers more advanced parameter settings that can be individually re-set and adjusted to your needs.




Become a business partner of the Telegrafia a.s. company and gain more

The business partners of the Telegrafia a.s. company can achieve the status of a Partner in the Acusticus Professional application and thus gain the user rights allowing them access to a number of other super-standard program functions. One of these is the possibility of creating a radio project to establish a radio-communication network for sirens that takes the Earth’s real curved surface into consideration. Another possibility, for example, is that of creating project diagrams and exporting them in the form of images. As a result, a customer can clearly see what the subject of the business proposal is and easily read the project.





Save time by automation

Acusticus Professional offers an additional tool for the design of a large radio network with transmitters, re-translators, and reception points. The data received and the values measured on site are optimised and further processed in the Acusticus Professional application, while the results are readily available for the design of implementation plans/contract documents.

 Novelty for 2016 – A fully configurable siren

Each siren in the project can be individually configured. Therefore, it is possible to figure out, for example, whether or not all the communication modules and batteries will fit the siren box designed, to test through real-life simulation the workings of a system, or to set a siren for specific communication channels. This novelty makes it easier for a customer to complete their following order.

If you are interested in the enhanced functions of the Acusticus Professional application and you would like to become our business partner, please feel free to contact us.