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Electronic sirens, public address systems, dispatching systems, early warning and emergency notification products
  Throughout its existence, Telegrafia has developed dozens of products designed for danger-related early warning systems. Our team of developers has been continuously working on and expanding this portfolio, so thanks to them our electronic sirens, public address systems, dispatching systems and software applications are on the cutting-edge of technological advances.  

•  Electronic siren Pavian
•  Electronic siren Gibon
•  Mobile siren Pavian CAR
•  Stand-alone siren Bono
•  aSCADA® product line

•  Electronic church bells Urban 
Public address system Amadeo
•  Public address system Johan
VEKTRA software
•  Accessories
Early warning and emergency notificaton solutions
  With the technologies from Telegrafia´s warning and notification system products, developed and improved by our cutting-edge research department over many years, we, together with our partners, created many solutions for our customers from both the private and public sectors. More...

•  Public warning - national warning system
•  Public warning - other solutions
•  Warning systems in the industrial enterprises
•  Indoor and outdoor sound distribution
•  Sirens used as the small stand alone system


New product! Powerful mobile electronic siren for mass warning Pavian CAR     Acusticus Professional - create your own acoustic project

Integrated stand-alone siren with an in-built battery backup Bono     Early warning against tsunami, tornado and other natural phenomena

Electronic siren PAVIAN

Electronic siren GIBON

Public address system Amadeo

Public address system Johan

aSCADA product line

Vektra software